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UHF Rfid Laundry Tag

UHF RFID Laundry Tag with more than 200 industrial washing cycle life. It can withstand pressures of 60 Bar atmospheres in industrial, workwear and medical washing applications with stable and reliable of RF performance. Multiple installation ways are available.


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More than 200 wash cycles.

100% function tested.

Main Features

With MRI certification.

GB18401 certification, harmless to skin.

RoHS and SVHC, OEKO-TEX Std100, EECC certification, harmless to environment and health.

Can customize sizes for customers.

Soft material.

One of the smallest module inside the tag across the world.

Can withstand 60 bar pressure.


Compliance EPC Class 1 Gen 2, ISO 18000-6C
Frequency 865-940 MHz
Chip NXP Ucode9
Memory Ucode9: EPC96-bit, User 0 -bit
Read/write Yes
Data Storage 20 years
Lifetime 200 wash cycles or 3 years from shipping date (whichever comes first)
Material Polyester

70 x 15x 1.5mm (2.756 x 0.591 x 0.059in)

75 x 12x 1.5 mm (2.953 x 0.472 x 0.059 in)

75 x 15 x 1.5 mm (2.953 x 0.591 x 0.059 in)

70 x 10x 1.5 mm (2.756 x 0.394 x 0.059in)

58 x 15x 1.5 mm (2.283 x 0.591 x 0.059 in)

35 x 15 x 1.5 mm (1.378 x 0.591 x 0.059 in)

Temperature Operating :-25°C ~ +110°C, Storage: -40°C ~ +110°C
Short-term temperature Washing: 90°C (194 ° F), 15 minutes, 200 cycles

Pre-drying: 180 *C (320 °F), 30 minutes,200 cycles

Ironing: 180°C (356 ° F), 10 seconds, 200 cycles

Sterilization Process: 135°C (275 ° F), 20 minutes, 200 cycles

Storage humidity 5%-95%
Installation Method sewing or put into pouch

(option) Heat sealing under 215°C @18 seconds with 0.6MPa ~0.8           MPa pressure

Weight About ~0.7 g/piece
Package Anti-static bag and carton
Color White
Resistance Mechanical resistance 60 bars
Chemicals Normal common chemicals in the washing processes
Certification MRI, RoHS, SVHC, GB18401 EECC, OEKO-TEXIOO (class II)
Read range Up to 6 meters (ERP=2W)

Up to 3 meters (With ATID AT880 handheld reader)

Polarization Liner


Management of uniforms.

Linen lease.

Industrial washing.

Textile management.

Access-control management.

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